Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Impressions

First impressions, do they really matter?  I remember my parents always put such a huge emphasis on the importance of making sure I never did anything to embarrass them at a social event.  But as a child, I felt like they were just being nags.  More and more, those nagging moments have developed into a "note to self" to put my best self out there.  Even more importantly, I made a decision to turn those nagging moments into a career.  No, I do not mean a professional nagger, what I am referring to is helping others present themselves in their best light.  Whether it be a job interview, first date, first business meeting, designing your first web site, or first public speaking event. In other words, there are limitless possibilities in inspiring others to do their best, be their best and present their best self regardless of the situation. 

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